Production Line

Strategic Location, Proximity to Industry and Ports:
Situated in Shishan Town, Foshan City, Guangdong, China, our factory enjoys a prime location near Guangzhou and Shenzhen ports, alongside upstream industrial clusters, facilitating material procurement and product exports.

Ample Production Space, Efficient Capacity:
Spanning 16,650 square meters, our factory boasts abundant production space. With two production lines, we can manufacture 1900 pieces of 4mm-thick aluminum-plastic panels daily, ensuring efficient fulfillment of customer demands.

In-House Innovation, Advanced Production Equipment:
Our pride lies in our self-developed dual-screw and single-screw extruders, alongside cutting-edge A2 aluminum honeycomb lines, providing advanced tools for production. These equipment guarantee our product's quality and performance.

Stringent Quality Control, Professional Testing Equipment:
Equipped with specialized testing devices on the production line, dedicated inspectors monitor parameters like surface flatness, size and thickness deviations, formulation stability, and peel strength. Our QC team rigorously tests each batch of finished products to ensure pre-shipment quality.

Environmental Consciousness, Exhaust Treatment and Recycling:
Our factory is committed to environmental protection, employing advanced equipment to safely manage exhaust emissions during production. Additionally, we recycle production residues through crushing, minimizing waste generation.

Meticulous Management and Safety Measures:
Adhering to 6S management, our factory conducts regular safety training, ensuring employee security. Dedicated safety supervisors are present on-site, with personnel wearing custom uniforms and helmets, while strict safety measures are enforced.

Open for Visits, Witness Quality Together:
We sincerely welcome you and our partners to visit our factory. We're eager to share our production process, equipment, and quality assurance measures, allowing you to witness our commitment to quality firsthand.

Our factory exemplifies efficiency, quality, and environmental awareness. We look forward to forming a partnership with you to create excellence together.

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Customized Aluminum-Plastic Panels, Meeting Diverse Demands:
Our company specializes in offering OEM services for aluminum-plastic panels, tailoring products to fit clients' needs. You can customize dimensions, colors, formulations, process details, and even add protective films with unique patterns. Our goal is to fulfill each client's specific requirements, providing distinctive tailored solutions.

Efficient Collaboration Process for Smooth Delivery:
Clients can submit customization requests online or offline. Once we receive your requirements, our sales team will promptly reach out to understand your needs. Subsequently, we'll align with our production and technical teams to ensure a comprehensive grasp of your demands and strive to fulfill them. We'll confirm the detailed plan, finalize particulars, and draft the contract with you. Upon deposit payment, we'll initiate raw material procurement and production to ensure on-time delivery within the agreed timeline. After production completion, we'll notify you for the final payment, followed by immediate shipment upon payment confirmation.

Confidentiality Agreement to Protect Your Business Secrets:
We highly value client designs and business secrets. Thus, we sign a confidentiality agreement with each client to safeguard your intellectual property and business secrets. You can confidently collaborate with us, knowing that your custom design will be implemented in a secure environment.

Successful Cases Demonstrating Our Capabilities:
We take pride in our successful completion of various OEM projects, including "Alucosight," "ALUSTANDARD," and "SRJELD." These achievements highlight our professional expertise and experience in the OEM field, showcasing our team's ability to bring clients' visions to life across diverse domains.

Our OEM/ODM services aim to provide you with customized solutions to meet your unique needs. We look forward to collaborating with you to create more successful customized projects.

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Unceasing Innovation for Excellence:
Our R&D team is dedicated to pioneering innovation, propelling technological advancement. Our research domains encompass a wide range, including optimizing material formulations, proprietary development of high-temperature and low-temperature composite technologies, and modifying equipment to align with our in-house developed production processes.

Pursuing Excellence, Achieving Multifold Goals:
Our R&D objectives are diverse yet clear. We commit to elevating product quality, reducing production costs, increasing production line speeds, improving surface flatness, and introducing advanced mixing equipment to ensure our products reach the pinnacle of performance and quality.

Expertise and Continuous Exploration:
Equipped with specialized research equipment and extrusion machine combinations, our company possesses unique professional advantages that empower our R&D team for in-depth and systematic exploration.

Exceptional Collaboration, Advancing with Partners:
Our partnership with China Design Institute provides robust technical support and a collaborative platform, enabling breakthroughs through synergistic innovation.

Notable Achievements, Pioneering Technology:
Our efforts have yielded remarkable results. The acceptance rate of A2-grade fire-resistant panels increased from 94% to over 98%, while B1-grade fire-resistant panels outperformed national standards. Our self-developed low-temperature composite technology has matured, significantly enhancing product performance.

Continuous Learning, Perpetual Progress:
To stay abreast of industry advancements, our R&D team members participate in regular monthly education programs. Furthermore, we occasionally invite seasoned industry experts for on-site guidance, ensuring our technological edge remains sharp.

Future Outlook, Unceasing Innovation:
We will continue integrating with the upstream industrial chain, relentlessly developing advanced production lines, processes, and equipment combinations to enhance our production capacity and competitiveness.

Our R&D team is driven by innovation, delivering superior products and solutions to clients. We look forward to jointly witnessing our technological accomplishments and future development.