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  • China Foshan Nanhai Huashi Decoration Material Ltd. company profile
  • China Foshan Nanhai Huashi Decoration Material Ltd. company profile
  • China Foshan Nanhai Huashi Decoration Material Ltd. company profile
Company Details
Main Market: Southeast Asia, Africa
Business Type: Manufacturer
Brands: Richly Bound
No. of Employees: 120~150
Annual Sales: 240 million RMB-250 million RMB
Year Established: 1999
Export p.c: 80% - 90%

    FOSHAN NANHAI HUASHI DECORATION MATERIAL CO., LTD is an enterprise specializing in making aluminum plastic composite panel in Foshan, Guangdong. The company has introduced the most advanced and complete continuous extrusion heat composite panel production equipments, and features advanced technologies, rich experience and a team of technical backbones and effective management staffs. Currently,the company is focusing on making high-quality aluminum plastic composite panel. The products are widely applied for external wails decoration of office buildings, banks, shopping malls,exhibition centers, hotels,edifices; or indoors and ceiling decoration of noble houses and villas; also facade, columns, counters,furnitures, corridor, elevator, screens, dust isolation walls, show cases, advertising signs, shell of machines and product veneers,etc.

    Owing to constant quality improvement and technical innovation, our products boast of light weight, beautiful appearance,even, rich and bright color,no fading, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, fire proof,moisture proof, heat and noise isolation, shock resistance, easily cleaning and shaping, etc. Currently, our products have become the hot trend of modern decoration.

Emphasizing user interests and social benefits, our company follows international standards rigorously. We have improved testing methods and bolstered quality supervision. We've also obtained the 'ISO9001:2008 International Quality System Certification' and are one of the 25 enterprises to receive a 'Products Qualification Certificate' by the Aluminum Plastic Composite Material Branch of China Building Materials Industry Association in 2003. Notably, our A2 and B1 grade fire-resistant aluminum composite panels have passed the stringent Chinese GB/T 17748-2016 and GB 8624-2012 tests. Our products have been recognized as 'China Green-building Materials', 'Recommended Products for Engineering Construction', 'Excellent Products of China-industry Quality' and 'China Famous and Outstanding Products'. Our company cooperates with scientific research organizations and associations and is a 'Director Member of Aluminum Plastic Composite Materials Branch of China Building Materials Industry Association' and 'Member of Standing Council of China Building Metal Structure Association'. Today's achievements are the fruit of yesterday's efforts and your continuous support and concern.

    Basing on"FENGSHENGDA”,“JUNSHI",“KENDESHENG”,“JIANSHENG”,SHIELD,ALUSTANDARD,ALUCOSIGHT brand, our company has developed many kinds of decorative panels,stone and wood texture panels, brushed panels. During 2000 to 2004, our products have passed the sampling test of the National accord with the standards of national quality products and are recommended as"Famous & Outstanding Building Materials Test Center, and are in Products" by the Ministry of Construction. We are equipped with several continuous extrusion composite production lines and matching test apparatus which can produce panels for thickness ranges from 1mm to 6mm, width ranges from 1220mm to 1300mm,and length is discretional.Our external wall panels of 4mm are made by applying:① Imported PVDF coating by applying Henkel pretreatment technology;

② Aluminum roll of Xinan Aluminum Factory;③ South Korea macromolecule bond film with 20 year's warrantly;④ PE core materials of Maoming Petrochemical CO.,Ltd.

Under strict quality control, in terms of quality and sales volume, our products are leading in domestic market,and exported to Hongkong, Southeast Asia, etc. Our products have earned high confidence and popularity from the users.

    FOSHAN NANHAI HUASHI DECORATION MATERIAL CO., LTD is located in the Pearl River Delta, neighbors Hongkong and Macao with convenient traffic. We may also provide processing service catering to the demands of both domestic and foreign clients."Exceeding the expectation of the customers"is what we need."Winning the approval from the customers" is what we think of.

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Cooling and temperature                  Finished product awaiting inspection.

reduction process.


From Embracing Reforms to Contributing to Architectural Decoration:
Our story began with our founders, Huang Wenhui and Huang Wenhuo. Riding the wave of national reforms and drawing upon their rich experience in the plastics industry, they chose to provide society with high-quality architectural decoration materials. This entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the industry have defined our company's journey.

Inception and Pursuit of Excellence:
Established in 1999, during the industry's nascent stage, we committed ourselves to continuous learning and improvement, striving for excellence. Customer-centric and innovative, we introduced a series of premium products to the architectural decoration sector.

Capacity Expansion and Sustained Growth:
In 2004, a pivotal turning point was reached as we relocated and expanded our facilities, preparing for substantial growth. Another relocation and expansion followed in 2012, resulting in a 16,650-square-meter owned manufacturing space. This laid a solid foundation for our development.

Embracing the Future with Investment and Innovation:
On the path of continuous progress, we invested in constructing an aluminum coil coating line in 2018, enhancing product quality and innovation. Furthermore, with plans to add 6 more production lines, we aim to better meet market demands.

Industry Leadership and Honored Status:
We have attained a leading position in Guangdong Province, China, known for our professional capabilities and high-quality products. This achievement is the result of our team's unwavering efforts.

Global Impact and International Supply:
Our products have not only gained recognition domestically but also hold substantial influence in international markets. We boast several OEM brands and export to 25 countries and regions, including Europe, America, and the Middle East. This reinforces our quality and value.

Earning Trust and Becoming Partners:
We are honored to be designated procurement suppliers for institutions such as BYD and China Design Institute. This recognition goes beyond our products and services; it reflects the joint efforts of us and our diverse partners.

From inception to present, our journey has been filled with challenges, efforts, and achievements. Moving forward, we'll uphold our commitment to innovation and quality, continually contributing to the progress of the architectural decoration industry. Thank you for your interest in our company's history.


Diverse Range of Aluminum Composite Panels to Meet Varied Needs:
We offer a wide array of aluminum composite panels, including fire-resistant, curtain wall, decorative, and furniture panels, catering to diverse industries and applications. Whether enhancing architectural modernity or infusing furniture with fresh aesthetics, our versatile selection fulfills your expectations.

Custom Dimensions, Colors, and Patterns for Unique Styling:
We provide custom lengths of any dimension, with widths up to 1500mm. Moreover, we offer bespoke protective films in any color or pattern, imbuing your projects with uniqueness and creativity. No matter your design, we materialize your vision with high-quality aluminum composite panels.

Flexible Processes and Material Formulations for Specific Demands:
Our commitment lies in offering optimal solutions tailored to your precise requirements, incorporating various processes and material formulations to meet your project's needs. Be it durability, fire resistance, or visual effects, customization is our response to your specifications.

Rigorous Quality Control with Authoritative Certifications:
Our aluminum composite panels undergo stringent quality checks and hold certification from China's authoritative bodies. This recognition attests to their performance, durability, and safety. With up to 20 years of warranty, we offer steadfast, long-term support for your projects.

Comprehensive Pre and Post-Sales Services for Smooth Implementation:
To ensure seamless project execution, we provide detailed construction installation drawings and corresponding quality compensation. Our proficient team delivers all-encompassing support, from product selection to final installation, ensuring a flawless process.

Rich Portfolio of Successful Cases and Industry Recognition:
We proudly participated in prominent Chinese projects, such as high-speed rail stations, subway stations, and customs entrances, serving as testament to our quality and reliability. Our aluminum composite panels find widespread use across diverse scenarios, enhancing numerous projects.

Integrated Supply Chain for Price and Timely Delivery Advantage:
With our proprietary upstream supply chain, we maintain a competitive edge in pricing and delivery timelines. This empowers us to regulate product quality and provide competitively priced solutions.

Balancing Environmental Sustainability, Responsibility, and Innovation:
We hold steadfast belief in sustainable development, utilizing recyclable materials in our processes. Our unwavering commitment to innovation drives us to offer environmentally conscious, high-performance products for our clients.

Irrespective of your aluminum composite panel requirements, our company offers professional service and top-quality products, instilling confidence and value into your projects. We eagerly anticipate collaboration to jointly create exceptional outcomes.

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Our Team

Empowered Leadership and Professional Team:
Guided by experienced industry expert Manager Lai, with 25 years of production management experience and responsibility for product process research and development. Our 4 teams consist of 24 skilled members. Additionally, our logistics department, overseen by Supervisor Wei, ensures seamless daily operations. We also have dedicated sales and after-sales teams committed to providing comprehensive customer support.

Synergistic Collaboration for Enhanced Productivity:
Our production team members collaborate closely, achieving a line speed of 12 meters per minute and a product yield of over 98%. This synergy forms the cornerstone of our efficient production, showcasing team cohesion and excellence.

Continuous Learning for Ongoing Progress:
To keep up with industry trends, we regularly send team members for further education. Additionally, we invite seasoned technical experts periodically to guide exchanges on-site, continuously elevating our team's technical prowess and expertise.

Sustained Improvement to Meet Customer Needs:
We optimize processes and constantly refine materials, formulations, equipment, etc., to meet evolving market demands. Through relentless efforts, we ensure our products maintain a leading edge in quality and innovation.

Customer-Centric with Swift Responsiveness:
Our team maintains close communication with clients, understanding their needs. We conduct production trials to promptly provide samples meeting their requirements. Customer satisfaction remains our utmost pursuit.

Team Dynamism and Social Responsibility:
Our team doesn't just display dynamism at work but also actively participates in activities like industrial park fire drills and employee sports events, showcasing our unity and vitality.

Versatile and Collaborative, our team centers around innovation and customer satisfaction. We look forward to collaborating with you to deliver the finest products and services.


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Fire safety competition.             Fire drill.


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Production schedule                  Weekly meeting.