• Renovation Friendly PVDF ACP Sheet 3mm Metallic With Solid Color
Renovation Friendly PVDF ACP Sheet 3mm Metallic With Solid Color

Renovation Friendly PVDF ACP Sheet 3mm Metallic With Solid Color

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: richly bound
Certification: ISO 9001:2008;GB/T 17748-2016;GB 8624-2012
Model Number: High-strength aluminum composite panel
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Detail Information

Sheet Thickness: 3.0mm Aluminum Layer Thickness: 0.2mm
Surface Color: Solid Color Surface Coating: PVDF
Size: Customizal Application Fields: Signboard
High Light:

Renovation Friendly PVDF ACP Sheet


Metallic ACP Sheet 3mm


Renovation Friendly Metallic ACP Sheet

Product Description

Renovation-friendly PVDF ACP Sheet, 3.0mm, Solid Color, Customizable Size



Embodying a symbiosis of two dissimilar materials, metal and non-metal, the aluminum plastic plate ingeniously amalgamates the primary characteristics of both metal aluminum and non-metal polyethylene plastic while remedying their deficiencies. This results in a series of commendable properties, encompassing luxuriousness, a riot of colors, resilience to weather, corrosion, and impact, fire and moisture safety, acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as seismic resistance. The plate's featherweight structure, ease of shaping, and undemanding transport and fitting further contribute to its merits.



Product processing performance


The aluminum composite panels produced by our company can be processed and shaped using common woodworking and metalworking tools, including cutting, sawing, milling, punching, pressing, folding, and bending. This allows for accurate completion of various forms required by architectural decoration design, especially for shapes such as arcs, counter-arcs, small-radius corners, and internal and external corners. This level of versatility is unparalleled by other decoration materials.



1. Cutting: Cutting tool, electric saw, hand saw, ring saw, etc.
2. Slot Milling: After processing with an electric and portable slot milling machine, the product can be manually bent into various kinds of polyhedrons.
3. Corner Removing: After processing with a puncher and corner removing machine, it can be combined in a trunk.
4. Welding: The product can be welded with plastic welding rods and hot wind welders.
5. Corner Bending: After processing with a slot milling machine, the product can be bent into various corners.
6. Bending: The product can be bent using 3-point or 3-rolling machines.
7. Printing: The product can be printed with screen printing plates.
8. Assembling: Rivet, nail, self-tapping screw, etc.
9. Punching: The product can be punched with an open puncher.


Renovation Friendly PVDF ACP Sheet 3mm Metallic With Solid Color 0



Product Features


1. Lightweight: Has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. With the same stiffness (E.j), the weight per unit area of aluminum composite panels is about only 60% of that of aluminum plates and 30% of steel plates.
2. Strong Adhesion: Has high 180° peeling strength. After long-term use, the aluminum plate and the plastic core material will not automatically peel off.
3. Weather Resistance: When used outdoors for a long time, there is virtually no change in color and gloss, the coating does not fall off, and the general lifespan is over twenty years.
4. Corrosion Resistance: The surface coating has strong adhesion and can resist the corrosion of acid (10%H2S04), alkali (10%NaOH), and salt mist; the PVDF fluorocarbon resin coating is especially strong.
5. Wind Pressure Resistance: The performance reaches the national A level, meeting the requirements of wind pressure resistance for high-rise exterior wall decoration.
6. Flame Resistance: The core layer is non-toxic polyethylene, and its two sides are non-combustible aluminum thin plates.



Our Company


Originating in 1999, we have introduced an advanced range of Aluminum Composite Panels via comprehensive extrusion equipment. Our superior products drive modern decorative trends with their unique properties. We are the inaugural recipient of ISO 9001:2008 certification and have secured numerous recognitions. Our leading brand, "Richly Bound", symbolizes the broad array of high-caliber offerings we produce.


Application fields


1.Building Cladding: Engaged as the external wrapping for towering structures, standalone homes, business headquarters, and commercial edifices.
2.Indoor Decor: Utilized in domestic, office, and business spaces for ornamental wall applications, artistic ceiling structures, and spatial dividers.
3.Advertisements: Used in promotional billboards, storefront displays, navigational boards, digital signage, and demonstration platforms.
4.Transportation Industry: Incorporated in the assembly of automotive parts for buses, railways, metro lines, aircraft, and seagoing vehicles.
5.Interior Fixtures: Implemented in the making of furniture, closets, kitchen surfaces, and various internal fittings.
6.Industrial Settings: Employed in manufacturing environments for machinery enclosures, protective gear covers, and cleanroom facilities.
7.Commercial Decor: Incorporated in the structuring of commercial outlets, kiosk blueprints, and interior showcases.


Product installation process diagram

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