• Anti Fire Exterior Aluminium Cladding Panels 4mm Thickness Sign Use
Anti Fire Exterior Aluminium Cladding Panels 4mm Thickness Sign Use

Anti Fire Exterior Aluminium Cladding Panels 4mm Thickness Sign Use

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: richly bound
Certification: ISO 9001:2008;GB 8624-2012;GB/T 17748-2016
Model Number: High-strength aluminum composite panel
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Detail Information

Sheet Thickness: 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm Color: Regular Color,Solid Color,High Gloss,Wood Grain,Stone Grain,Mirror Finish,Brushed,Special Effects
Surface Coating: Polyester (PE),High-performance Polyester (DHPE),Fluorocarbon (PVDF),PVC Film,Anodized Length: 2440mm
Aluminum Layer Thickness: 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm Width: 1220mm
Material: Aluminum Composite Panel Application: Exterior Wall, Balcony, Furniture Surfaces, Curtain Walls, Billboards, Exhibitions, Signs, Signboard Doors, Renovation Of Old Buildings, Purification And Dust Prevention Projects, House Design
High Light:

Anti Fire Exterior Aluminium Cladding Panels


Exterior Aluminium Cladding Panels 4mm


Anti Fire Aluminium Sign Panels

Product Description

Exterior ACP Sheet, 4.0mm, 0.2mm Aluminum, with Special Effects, Suitable for Exhibitions

Product Description:

Embodying a symbiosis of two dissimilar materials, metal and non-metal, the aluminum plastic plate ingeniously amalgamates the primary characteristics of both metal aluminum and non-metal polyethylene plastic while remedying their deficiencies.

This results in a series of commendable properties, encompassing luxuriousness, a riot of colors, resilience to weather, corrosion, and impact, fire and moisture safety, acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as seismic resistance.

The plate's featherweight structure, ease of shaping, and undemanding transport and fitting further contribute to its merits.



Aluminum composite panel is incredibly lightweight, yet offers exceptional strength and durability. Uniquely, it holds an excellent strength-to-weight ratio with uniform stiffness. The weight per unit of surface area for this type of composite panel is about 60% of aluminum panels, and only 30% of steel panels.

In addition, this composite panel is resistant and durable, with an incredibly adhesive strength of up to 180° peeling strength. There will be no spontaneous peeling between the aluminum sheet and the plastic core material, even after extended use. It is also weather tolerant and shows virtually no change in color or gloss with long-term outdoor use, with its coating remaining intact, and typically having a lifespan of 20 years or more.

The fire resistant insulation between the non-combustible aluminum sheets provides safety and stability. The panel is also anti-corrosive. The surface coating maintains strong adhesion and can withstand the corrosion of acid (10%H2S04), alkali (10%NaOH), and salt mist, with the PVDF fluorocarbon resin coating having notably superior strength. Furthermore, it meets the A-grade criterion of wind load resistance for high-rise buildings.


Technical Parameters:

Anti Fire Exterior Aluminium Cladding Panels 4mm Thickness Sign Use 0


Urban Exteriors: Utilized as cladding on towering structures, suburban homes, corporate complexes, and commercial high-rises.

In-house Decoration: Incorporated in decorating home interiors, work spaces, and business zones, including wall cladding, creative ceiling patterns, and space dividers.

Advertising Tools: Used for large advertising boards, shop displays, wayfinding signs, digitally printed banners, and promotional stages.

Transport Sector: Employed in the construction of vehicle parts for public and private transport means such as buses, trains, metros, aircraft, and marine vessels.

Residential Fittings: Used in designing furniture, wardrobes, kitchen worktops, and other indoor fixtures.

Industrial Deployments: Applied in industrial plants as casing for machinery, protective shielding for devices, and applications in cleanrooms.

Retail Setup: Incorporated in the formation of retail store designs, kiosk blueprints, and interior display units.


Company Profile:

Initiated in 1999, our enterprise specializes in Aluminum Composite Panels, harnessing advanced extrusion technologies. Our panels, known for durability and beauty, find extensive applications in commercial and residential spaces. Upholding the highest standards, we've been certified by top industry bodies and have garnered significant accolades. The "Richly Bound" brand epitomizes our commitment to diversity and quality. Dominant in the domestic market, our products also have a strong foothold overseas. Conveniently located near key ports, we encourage international collaborations.


Exterior ACP Sheet Questions & Answers

Q: What is the brand name of the Exterior ACP Sheet?
A: Richly bound.
Q: What is the model number of the Exterior ACP Sheet?
A: High-strength aluminum composite panel.
Q: Where is the Exterior ACP Sheet made?
A: It is made in China.
Q: What certifications does the Exterior ACP Sheet have?
A: It has ISO 9001:2008;GB 8624-2012;GB/T 17748-2016 certifications.
Q: What material is used to make the Exterior ACP Sheet?
A: It is made of high-strength aluminum.


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