• Dust Prevent External Wooden Colour ACP Sheet Cladding 5mm Thickness Composite
Dust Prevent External Wooden Colour ACP Sheet Cladding 5mm Thickness Composite

Dust Prevent External Wooden Colour ACP Sheet Cladding 5mm Thickness Composite

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: richly bound
Certification: ISO 9001:2008;GB 8624-2012;GB/T 17748-2016
Model Number: High-strength aluminum composite panel
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Detail Information

Surface Coating: Polyester (PE),High-performance Polyester (DHPE),Fluorocarbon (PVDF),PVC Film,Anodized Sheet Thickness: 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm
Size: 1220mm * 2440mm,Customizal Application Fields: Exterior Wall, Balcony, Ceilings, Partitions, Doors, Column Casings, Equipment Panels, Interior Decoration, Interior Design, Furniture Surfaces, Curtain Walls, Billboards, Exhibitions, Signs, Signboard Doors, Coffee Shop Interior Design, Renovation Of Old
Surface Color: Regular Color,Solid Color,High Gloss,Wood Grain,Stone Grain,Mirror Finish,Brushed,Special Effects Aluminum Layer Thickness: 0.1mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm
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Dust Prevent Wooden Colour ACP Sheet


Wooden Colour ACP Sheet 5mm


External Composite Cladding 5mm

Product Description

Wood ACP Sheet for Dust Prevention - 5.0mm, 0.1mm Aluminum with DHPE Coating

Product Description:

Aluminum plastic panel is an integral component for many architecture and interior design projects, owing to its extensive range of features. This type of panel is constructed by joining an aluminum sheet to each side of a non-aluminum core. They are typically coated with a protective layer of PVDF or PE, which can finish in a wide range of colors.

The popularity of aluminum composite panels is driven by their extensive durability, lightweight, and formability properties. Innovations in production technologies have also made them energy-efficient and recyclable, which make them an ideal sustainable choice for modern construction. For this reason, aluminum plastic panels are often used in a variety of applications, including shop facades, advertising signs, and interior decoration.



Ultra-lightweight Construction: Aluminum-plastic panels are an attractive option for the building and decorating sector due to their ultra-lightweight composition, making them easy to install and transport, saving on construction costs. But despite their lightness, they remain strong and durable.

Superior Weatherproofing: Aluminum-plastic panels are also favored for their weatherproofing. They're well equipped to handle intense sunshine, wind, rain, humidity, and temperature fluctuations, making them perfect for outdoor uses.

Wide Range of Colors and Styles: This material isn't just practical, it can also look good. Aluminum-plastic panels come in many colors and styles, allowing you to customize the visual aesthetics in various ways such as spraying, coating, or printing.

Low-maintenance and Easy to Clean: The surface of this material is smooth and doesn't accumulate dust and grime so it's easy to clean with a detergent and cloth. No special maintenance is required and it can maintain its original look and performance for a long time.

Environmentally Friendly: Aluminum-plastic panels are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Plus, they can be recycled and contribute to global environmental preservation.

Superior Soundproofing: These panels have noteworthy acoustic insulation, reducing noise transmission, making them a great choice for places such as offices, hospitals, and schools which require soundproofing.

Fire-resistant: Additionally, they possess excellent fire resistance and can impede the spread of flames, aiding in structural fire safety.


Technical Parameters:

Dust Prevent External Wooden Colour ACP Sheet Cladding 5mm Thickness Composite 0


Building Encasements: Implemented for the external coating of high-rise buildings, independent residences, business premises, and trade structures, building encasements are extensively used across the world. Whether it be for functional insulation, stylish design elements or far-reaching innovations, these encasements are essential for keeping the integrity of a structure safe from external conditions and are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Decorative Interiors: When it comes to making any interior space look attractive, decorative interiors come into the play. Interior designers utilize these interior components to enhance the aesthetics of homes, corporate spaces, and commercial environments by creating wall treatments, innovative ceiling concepts, and room partitions. Each of these elements helps to significantly alter the atmosphere of a space for a far more productive environment.

Signboards: Signboards have the capacity to draw attention with their striking designs and eye-catching color schemes. They are used for various purposes such as large-scale advertisements, store-front signs, direction markers, digital billboards, and display podiums. Studies show that signboard visibility is an essential part of retail success and must be placed where they are easily visible to the public.

Transportation Parts: The incorporation of transportation parts into a project is critical to their overall performance. Whether it be for buses, trains, metro services, aircraft, or seafaring vessels, these parts serve to ensure the structure is strong and reliable. From lightweight components for faster speeds, strong materials for increased durability or other specialized features, no transportation design is complete without them.

Domestic Furnishings: Domestic furnishings, such as furniture designs, storage solutions, kitchen counter fronts, and other in-house fittings, help to improve the overall atmosphere of any home. With its impressive blend of contemporary and modern styles, these products provide a unique accent to any interior space and also provide an opportunity to further decorate the house. They represent comfort and bring harmony to any home.

Industrial Applications: Industrial applications, especially in the manufacturing sector, need to be of the utmost quality. To ensure productivity and efficiency, protective shells for machinery, equipment coverings, and cleanroom procedures are implemented. These applications help protect the machines from any possible damage in the work environment while also providing a safe environment for staff.

Retail Interiors: A retail interior needs to be attractive yet functional in order to draw customers in. By using designs such as kiosk layouts, commercial outlets, and in-store display units, the efficiency and attractiveness of any store significantly improves. These designs help to maximize floor space while having maximum customer impact, ensuring the best customer service and lasting impressions.

Product processing performance:

Our range of aluminum composite panels can be adeptly modified with general carpentry and metallurgy equipment. Techniques such as lacerating, bisecting, etching, punching, condensing, pleating, and recurving are manageable. These ensure finesse in executing structural aesthetic mandates, notably patterns like helicals, anti-helicals, micro-angled terminuses, and varying vertexes. This pliability is rare in other decorative elements.


1.Partitioning: Equipments like manual blades, electric slicers, and loop cutters are proficient.
2.Etch Milling: When maneuvered with a handheld etcher, a myriad of geometric shapes can be hand-carved.
3.Apex Clipping: Through punch-tools and apex clippers, uniting in a structure is streamlined.
4.Amalgamating: A blend using warm air instruments and resin welding threads is possible.
5.Apex Curve: Successive to etch milling, it's feasible to mold multiple angles.
6.Spiraling: Trio-point or triple-roll devices are proficient for such tasks.
7.Stenciling: Imprint via stencil imprint methods.
8.Mounting: Engage mechanisms like bolts, pins, and self-piercing screws.
9.Stamping: Depressions are possible using an expansive puncher.



Q1: What is Wood ACP Sheet?
A1: Wood ACP Sheet is a kind of high-strength aluminum composite panel produced by Richly Bound, which is certified by ISO 9001:2008;GB 8624-2012;GB/T 17748-2016.
Q2: What are the features of Wood ACP Sheet?
A2: Wood ACP Sheet has excellent fireproof performance, sound insulation performance, anti-corrosion performance and excellent physical properties.
Q3: What are the applications of Wood ACP Sheet?
A3: Wood ACP Sheet can be widely used in indoor and outdoor wall decoration, curtain wall, signage, advertising display, interior decoration and so on.
Q4: What is the production process of Wood ACP Sheet?
A4: The production process of Wood ACP Sheet involves mechanical processing, chemical treatment, hot-melt coating, and lamination.
Q5: What is the size of Wood ACP Sheet?
A5: The size of Wood ACP Sheet is according to customer requirements.

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